Digital is a mindset
as much as a skill set

We’re looking for people who have curiosity, passion, creativity and the ability to work as a team.
Lavoro nel digital marketing


means gaining significant experience in identity-centric digital marketing projects.
Here at E-ONE, we get to work as soon as the consumer leaves a trace of their presence (for example, an e-mail address or a cellphone number), which allows us to identify them and to start communicating with them.
For brands and client companies, we conceive digital CRM and Marketing Automation strategies, we implement automated customer journeys and we manage multichannel campaigns.
You can think of us as a sort of Cyrano De Bergerac: we help brands to win the love of their customers, with a view to constructing long-term relationships, creating value in the process – and we do so behind the scenes, without showing our face.

Digital CRM and Marketing Automation projects require an array of skills:

  • marketing

  • design

  • communication

  • project management

  • IT

Our team is composed of a plethora of different people, who have learned to work together on the basis of well-organized workflows.


Focus on the solution
Strenght lies in differences
Always positive
Own it
Believe it
Be brave